Secrets of Tantric Lesbian Sex

Just like women relationships with men, women that have sex with other women need ways to make their experiences more connected and ecstatic. Maybe your sex life is no longer filled with excitement. Perhaps, you simply want to explore your fantasies fully. Well, the world of Tantra has lots of lessons for you. Here are key secrets of Tantric lesbian sex that you should try to enjoy a more thrilling sexual experience with your partner:

Focus on More than Clitoral orgasm

During sex, it is uncommon that many people pay attention to attaining clitoral orgasm only. This is not a bad idea. However, it denies you the opportunity to explore and experience intimacy and a deep connection with your other half. Besides clitoral orgasm, there are mild sensations throughout the body that will make the sex more pleasurable. Try them out.

Redefine Your Sex Life

To experience Tantric lesbian sex, it is important that you understand what sex means to both of you. As a couple, see sex as a chance to connect physically, emotionally and mentally. Establish a deep connection in terms of your consciousness, hearts and actual sex.

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